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Pilot Supplies, Avionics, and Homebuilt Aircraft Parts from Aircraft Spruce Canada from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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COPA and Aircraft Spruce Canada have a deal for you!
With the cooperation of Aircraft Spruce Canada ,COPA is pleased to make the following offer to anyone who buys a 406 MHz ELT from Aircraft Spruce Canada. Our goal in putting this deal together is to provide one-stop-shopping for the purchase and programming of your ELT as well as renewing your COPA membership or taking out a new membership (both at no cost to you).

Contact Aircraft Spruce Canada at 877-795-2278 or visit to order a 406 MHz ELT from their large selection of available units. When your ELT arrives, it will include a buck slip from COPA. When you complete the buck slip with your contact information and send it to COPA (fax, scan and email or mail), we will verify your purchase and then do one of the following, depending on your membership type.

If you have an individual membership, we will extend it by one year, a value of $55 (at no cost to you).

If you have a family or corporate membership, we will apply this value ($55) to your membership account to extend your membership by one year and send you an invoice for the difference (family $20, corporate $205).

For non-members, we will provide a complementary one year individual membership, complete with all of the benefits of being a member.

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