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The EDM-800 instrument has all the advanced functions of the EDM-700, but incorporates some new features that can only be found on JPI products. No longer do pilots have to waste time looking up and guesstimating the present percentage of horsepower (HP).

There are new easy readable digits located at the top of the EDM display which continually show the percentage of horsepower being used, & can also display RPM. What is unique about this new feature is that it can also display HP over lean. HP can be displayed for either carbureted or injected engines, even if they are turbocharged. Now you can be sure that you are within the horsepower limits of your engine, and in IFR conditions, this can be quite a task.

At the present time HP is only available on single engine 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The EDM800 calculates percent of horsepower in an Over lean condition. Lycoming & Contentinal horse power charts stop at peak EGT on the first cylinder to peak. Gami has developed a method of going over lean on all cylinders. When you are over lean, every ounce of fuel is burned & used to create horsepower and heat. Cooling is accomplished by excess air in the combustion chamber. JPI has developed an algorithm to calculate horsepower based on fuel consumption and other factors.

To obtain HP in this over lean condition you must have an EDM-800 engine analyzer with fuel flow, RPM, MAP, OAT, Memory & Gami tuned injectors. In addition to JPI's HP function, EDM800 also has a Memory Module that can store up to 25 hrs. of engine data, which can be downloaded to a laptop or palmtop PC. When using the memory function, all functions of the EDM will be recorded, including Fuel Flow & HP.


  • Continues display of %HP or RPM.
  • RPM & Manifold pressure on main display when %HP is displayed.
  • Leaning Rich of peak displays bar graph Histogram of each peak and fuel flow differential (Gami Spread) when last cylinder peaks.
  • Linerized accuracy of 1║, not 10║.
  • DigiScan« Fuel Flow, years ahead of all other monitors with this feature. Works with all GPS including handheld.
  • LeanFind mode automatically identifies the first and last cylinder to peak and PeakFind automatically captures the EGT peak value.
  • Full FAA approved with STC and TSO, not PMA.
  • EDM-800's come complete with probes and sensors to measure RPM, MAP, OAT, Fuel Flow and Memory.
  • TSO Quality with two year warranty
  • EZEREC« Records up to 25 hours of flight data in long term memory (optional).

In The Box

  • All Systems which include Fuel Flow come with Transducers. (201 Transducer is for Aircraft with Fuel Pumps. 231 Transducer is for Gravity Fed Aircraft.)


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Luigi F
June 20, 2013


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Q: What probes comes in the kit? are there 6 EGT and CHT probes in the kit ?

For the 6 cylinder scanners, the EDM 800 does come with 6 EGT and 6 CHT probes.

Q: Does the EDM-800 come with a fixed data connector (e.g. USB, etc)?

No, the USB download box must be purchased separately. See part number 10-03149.

Q: What is the part number for the oil temp option for JPI EDM Instruments?

The oil temperature option for EDM instruments is part number 10-05773.

Q: Confirm Oil Pressure Probe 10-04075 fits to this EDM 800? "Records up to 25 hours of flight data in long term memory (optional). ": The Standard EDM800 module does not have a Memory function according your description?

The oil pressure probe 10-04075 will work with the EDM 800. The 25 hours of data logging is optional in that it can be turned off in the settings. It is included with every EDM 800.

Q: If buying part number 10-02857, do I need to buy any optional harness, RPM option, oil temp and pressure probe or screen upgrade?

Part # 10-02857 includes the wiring harness and RPM option. It does not include the oil temp and pressure probes but can be added for an additional cost. The screen upgrade would be user preference.

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