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HIRTH AIRCRAFT ENGINES from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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Hirth aircraft engines, built in Germany, utilize some of the worlds most advanced powerplant technology in their new two-stroke engine designs. Advances such as the Nikasil process, use of hypereutectic alloys, exhaust port design and high-strength chrome-moly steel crankshafts have made this new breed of engines vastly superior to older engine designs. These new advances have improved performance, reliability and safety while also yielding better economy, lower noise and much longer life. The compact size of the Hirth engines make for easy installations and the light weight will provide shorter takeoff, better climb and faster cruise. The 12 volt, 11 amp alternator provides standard electrical service and the electric starter delivers fast, easy starting. The exciting new F30 engine (4 cylinder, 2 stroke) develops 110 HP at 5700 RPM, consumes only 7 GPH at full power and weighs only 110 lbs. complete. The Hirth F30 will certainly be the clear choice for light aircraft builders in need of efficient, quiet yet powerful engines. All Hirth engines come complete with carb(s), exhaust manifold(s), electric starter, alternator, rectifier, starter relay, air filter(s), fuel pump, ignition system, manuals, and one year warranty. A complete line of accessories such as reduction drives, tuned exhaust systems, engine mounts and dual ignitions are available.

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