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IMPORTANT: Spray test panel before applying to your actual surface. Most cans present no issue but please contact customer service if your can nozzle is defective.

All Tempo spray products feature the exclusive adjustable Fanspray valve which offers a professional spray pattern so anyone can "paint like a pro". The extra-width pattern evenly coats about 3 times the area with each pass compared with an ordinary spray valve. Packaged in 11 oz. to 16 oz. cans, depending on product.

Extends blade life

Tempos Epoxy Propeller Coating is formulated with the extra adhesion and abrasion resistance needed to protect propellers from corrosion and wear. Compared to standard enamel and lacquer paints, our epoxy formula stays on the blade more flying hours; hence, with regular use, this formula can extend blade life.


Several independent technical studies have suggested that excessive inhalation of zinc chromate dust may cause lung cancer. On the basis of these findings, the manufacturers have requested that the sale of zinc chromate primer and zinc chromate primer aerosol be restricted to commercial or professional shop use. Professional users should be certain that workers are not exposed to concentrations in excess of the O.S.H.A. threshold limit value (TLV) of 0.1 milligram (as chromium) per cubic meter. If conditions are such that this limit may be exceeded, additional protective equipment is required. A respirator that has a NIOSH/MESA approval TC-23C. See our catalog for respirators that meet this requirement.



HD product. Long lasting. Very good service at your company. Thanks for the quick shipping.

September 5, 2019

The Black worked as intended. Lambert Havelka

Lambert H
August 7, 2020

It works good if you keep shaking it while you spray it.. make two or three passes and shake the can two or three times

January 28, 2020

Its hit and miss with these rattle cans. I found that it can take up to twenty minutes of shaking to get an almost even spray. I only use it for small touch up areas and nothing large. Also found out unlike most professional paints that no matter how careful the prep after four hours you can still peel the paint off the prop when applying a second color.

James W
December 31, 2020

I like this paint and have used it on many parts of my plane, nice spray width and consistent if you keep shaking. It takes a little more than expected so buy more than you think you will need. I have used 10 cans over the last 3 years and had no problems until the last can, test spray was good but half way through the first pass is started to sputter and get chunky, dripping out of the nozzle too, swapped to a nozzle from another can but was no help. Can was garbage. Plan to spray fair amount on the test piece for each can at the start so you dont have to strip the 3 coats you have on already to fix after a bad can.

Shawn T
June 9, 2020

The fumes are extremely strong and will cause headache almost immediately. I would only use it outdoors or in a hanger. Take warnings on label seriously.

Bill S
May 27, 2018

Be aware that no two cans are the same... Perfect black coats.... White can came out like silly string after vigorously shaking it for 15 minutes... Ruined an otherwise perfect application... Complete do-over twice....

Tom M
May 8, 2021

I was surprised just how hard a spray can of Flat Black Epoxy paint was to find couldnt be had at any big box or paint outlets in my area. Delighted when I located it at Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co. The key to any good paint job is preparation and I sanded, cleaned, and tack clothed my project to a high degree. Following directions on the can regarding application, temperature, and re-coating I ended up with results that fell far short of my expectations. The finish came out un-even some parts glossy whilst others parts look like they were dry sprayed. About the best I can say about it was: I wanted a black color and thats what came out of the can.

Bob J
October 1, 2020

Black worked fine, went to paint the tips white and during the process the paint began to come out stingy and in gobs. Ruined the job do over.

David T
August 27, 2020

Dont buy. The gray coated the prop, but will have to be sanded and polished to get an acceptable finish. Despite extensive shaking, the can occasionally shot out globs of thick gray goo onto the paint job. When I tried to use it again one week later it refused to spray anything other than clear solvent.

James F
June 28, 2020


Q: What is the procedure to paint a fixed pitch prop? Remove the old paint with paint stripper? Primer required? Just spray on epoxy propeller coating?

Yes, That is exactly what you would do. Step 1: Remove the old paint with a paint stripper. Step 2: Primer is not necessary (optional) Step 3: Just spray on the Epoxy coating.

Q: Do you have a MSDS for this Tempo propeller epoxy?

Yes, we have added the MSDS to the Documents tab on this web page for download and review.

Q: What's the shelf life of this Tempo Epoxy Propeller Coatings product?

3 year shelf.

Q: Does this come in the Hartzell grey?

No, 09-00983 matches OE Hartzel Gray.

Q: Where and how can I purchase replacement nozzles? They clog easily

We currently do not stock spray nozzles for these cans.

Q: How to read the date code on the bottom of the propeller epoxy coating?

It is Day of year, last digit of year manufactured. For example: WJ2068JA = made 206th day of 2018, which would be 7/25/18
RM0569 = made 56th day of 2019, which would be 2/25/19

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