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Part# 05-01467
MFR Model# 260-100


Fly Faster and Use Less Gas
Aircraft Development has developed a vortelator propeller kit that is capable of increasing your aircraft speed by 2 to 4 mph and your RPM by 20 to 50 RPM. That’s if you have a fixed pitch propeller. If you have a constant speed propeller, for a given RPM and manifold pressure the propeller will be at a slightly larger pitch giving you more speed. This is accomplished by placing vortelators at certain critical locations on the propeller’s most inefficient highest air drag areas. The vortelators will cause the boundary layer to stay attached to the propeller surface for a greater distance, and to keep the boundary layer thinner. The net result of these two actions is that it reduces both the profile drag and skin friction drag components of the parasite drag. Another way to think of it is that the wake behind the aircraft propeller will be smaller, thus requiring less horsepower to turn the propeller through the air for a given RPM. Behind the vortelator mini vortices are created as can be seen by the lines of oil that form behind the vortelator. These mini vortices sweep the oil to a point in between the mini vortices, and that’s how the oil lines are formed. Whenever one sees these characteristic oil lines forming behind the vortelator one knows the vortelator is working. The vortelator allows the air flow to stay attached to the lift strut for approximately 80% of the lift strut’s chord. In the area where there is no vortelator, the air flow separates
from the lift strut and becomes turbulent, at approximately 40% of the lift strut’s chord, as can be seen from the pile up of oil at the 40% chord position. At the 40% chord position the lift strut is 2.01” thick, and at the 80% chord position the lift strut is 1.18” thick. That means the turbulent wake coming off the lift strut is only 59% as thick with the vortelator attached as without the vortelator attached. That also means with a narrower wake less horsepower is required to propel the lift strut through the air.

260-100 Propeller Vortelator Kit for Certified Aircraft
The propeller vortelator kit will increase the RPM’s by 20 to 50, increase airspeed by 2 to 4 MPH and also works on constant speed props. It is compatible and will restore prop guard’s efficiency loss. The FAA has given permission for an A&P mechanic to install this kit and does not require the installation to be performed by an approved propeller repair station.


The STC for propeller vortelator kits includes more than 137 different propeller models covering all the major propeller manufactures. Vortelator propeller kits are not recommend for propellers that have deicing systems.


I ordered a set of vortelators for my Ivoprop 3 blade fitted to a Rotax 582 on a Top Dog Trike some months ago. I think I gained about 1/2 gallon/hour less fuel consumption. Meanwhile I have had problems with the prop and replaced it-therefore need another set. From S.H.

Hi Richard as far as I could tell I picked up 30 RPM on my 150 HP Cardinal. From S.J.

I have a 3 blade Ivoprop and would like to order some vortelators. Had them previously on another plane. From B.H.

I ordered your prop vortelator kit for my 150 HP Cessna 172. I was impressed with a 40 RPM increase at full throttle and 2,000 feet above see level. From S.C.

Before we installed the propeller vortelator kit we did static run ups and then stabilized climbs at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 MPH and wrote down the RPM’s. We fly in high altitude density environment in the mountains and we were interested in an RPM increase. After installation we repeated the test and across the board came up with a 25 RPM increase. On the first take off my son looked over and said “their worth it”. On take off we normally would have a slight lag in RPM, now the transition is very smooth and in cruise we can now go to red line, 2,600 RPM very easily. When you fly in high density altitude and short strips 25 RPM’s means something! Other potential assets would be some increase in speed, better cooling and gas mileage. Vortelators won’t make a C-85 into an O470 but if you’re looking for just a little help in performance then it’s worth the money. Thanks for a good product-it works. From J.H.

The vortelator tape that you installed on my prop that is on my single seat Challenger let me see approximately 150 RPM increase at full throttle and about 5 MPH increase in airspeed on a normal climb out at take off. This increase in RPM and MPH does not affect the ultralight performance too much as we cruise at a certain RPM so the increase allows me to reduce the throttle setting and saves some fuel. From R. B.

When vortelating material was installed on the propeller I notices immediate results. With the aircraft stationary on the ground, with no wind present, the RPM increased from 2150 to 2170. When in the air, the RPM increased by 25 (from 2800 RPM to 2825 RPM and the MPH went up by 4 (from 199 MPH to 203 MPH). From M.T.

My experience with the application of vortelators showed an increase in air speed of at least 5 MPH along with seemingly effortless acceleration and lower power requirement at each speed along the way up to top speed. The installation of the kit was smooth and relatively fast compared to any other change to the aircraft I could have done to increase air speed. After washing the airplane, the installation of the tape-like vortelators took less than one hour. My airplane is an experimental Thorp T18. It is the standard model, the original design, with the standard airfoil and body length and with. The engine is a Lycomong O-320B2B 160 HP with a Sensenich WL 66-78 wood prop. The airplane reaches top speed at about 2650 RPM. I recommend this product for an easy and quick 5 MPH increase in speed, better fuel mileage and lower fuel consumption are other ways to benefits of this product’s application to the T18. From K.N.

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Last leg of a 4 day trip, go home day. First officer has the needle pegged on the barber pole at FL370. I look over and here is this short wing piper flying off our wing. At first I thought I was seeing things, maybe side effects from the J&J vaccine, but my trusty F.O., who’s building a Kitfox so he can make Flying Cowboy videos, tells me about these prop vortex devices he saw on Aircraft Spruce. Boy I’m now a believer, gonna get a set for my bug smasher, right after I get a new set of black New Balance sneakers, the official shoe of airline captains worldwide. MEOW...

Sam Y
April 13, 2021

The tri-pacer guy is not kidding when he says how much extra oomph he gets. He now passes my Duke when were in the flight levels. I put a set on the right engine so I no longer have a critical engine. These stickers, and a few gallons of MMO, and your airplane will pass tbo, gain 30-33% fuel savings and useful load, and your tires will never wear out.

October 1, 2019

I own a tri pacer and I decided I wanted to try these. I have to say I am really impressed. After putting these on I really noticed a difference! I started to enjoy flying again... These really allowed me to do some things I could not do before... I can now keep up with barons and even some slower jets like citations... You should see their faces when i pull up to them in close formation! I love seeing their jaw drop and then I make a hard overbank away and tell em to piece out. Who needs a jet!

March 1, 2019


Q: Is there documentation showing this is legal for certified aircraft, i.e. PMA, STC, etc. and how to write up the installation in the log book?

An STC is included in the box.

Q: Can you post the STC AML (approved model list) Please?

We have added the STC document as well as the Installation Procudures to the Documents tab on the web page.

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