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Date: Tuesday - 09/30/2014
Part No: 99-00448


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Note: Unit is newly overhauled by Garmin.

Garmin’s new GMA 240 audio panel is here to rock the sport flying world. It is non-TSO’d so it’s priced really low. Yet, it includes an intercom and will support dual COMM, dual NAV, dual AUX receivers, and dual music audio inputs – plus up to three unswitched inputs for telephone ringers, altitude alerts, or other warning tones.

The GMA 240 shines when it comes to music support. Pilots can connect up to two dedicated music sources to the rear connector (e.g. XM music and CD player) and over-ride one of those sources at any time by plugging-in a device (e.g. MP3 player) into the 2.5 mm front jack. The music source’s volume can be increased or decreased with the GMA 240 by pulling out the copilot volume knob. With multiple music inputs, switching sources is easily controlled by the (♫1-2) button on the front bezel.

The 2.5 mm front jack also makes it easy for pilots to make and receive cell phone calls. It has a full-duplex telephone interface with intercom isolation capability. This feature allows private telephone calls by the pilot or multi-party calls with the crew and passengers.

Click here to download the GMA 240 brochure in PDF

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