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SONERAI II from Aircraft Spruce Canada
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The Sonerai II is one of the most versatile two-place homebuilt airplanes ever conceived, and can be built in several versions. In its Original form, the standard Sonerai II is a mid-wing, two-place tandem, tailwheel airplane that is flown from the rear seat solo. The Sonerai IIL is the same airplane but with a low wing. The Sonerai IILS (Stretch) is the same as the IIL but with an 18 fuselage extension to provide more front cockpit room. The Sonerai IILT and IILTS are the same as the IIL and IILS except that they are built with a steerable nosewheel. The Sonerai II will accept engine displacements from 1700cc thru 2180cc.

The wing is composed of two panels that fold alongside the fuselage, enabling the airplane to be towed tail first on its own landing gear. The fuselage and tail surfaces are constructed of standard sizes of 4130 steel tubing, and are fabric covered. The wings are fabricated from 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum sheet. The fiberglass cowling removes easily to allow complete access to the engine, fuel tank, and instruments. The landing gear is a formed aluminum spring, and a tapered rod tail spring is used for the tailwheel.

    Kit Price w/o Engine: N/A (Plans-built)
    Plans Price: $145
    Number of Seats: 2
    Building Materials: Steel tube/fabric/aluminum
    Building Time: 800-1200 Hrs
    Standard Engine: VW 1700cc-2180cc
    Horsepower: 60-75
    Wing Span: 18.7 Ft.
    Wing Area: 84 Sq. Ft.
    Empty Weight: 520-540 Lbs.
    Gross Weight: 950-1150 Lbs.
    Takeoff Distance: 900 Ft.
    Landing Distance: 800 Ft.
    Cruise Speed: 130-140 Mph.
    Top Speed: 200 Mph.
    Fuel Capacity: 10 Gal.
    Range: 280 Miles

For more information on the Sonerai family of aircraft contact:
    SoneraiWorks LLC
    11428 West Hwy G, Franksville,WI 53126
    Phone: 414-581-1442

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